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The Atlantis Resort


Where is the Atlantis Resort, and what is it like?

The Atlantis Resort is located on Paradise Island, near Nassau in the formerly-British Bahamas just a hop from Florida.

The guidebook Caribbean With Kids calls the Atlantis "one of the most lavish properties in the entire Caribbean": which is saying something, considering what the region offers.

14-acre "waterscape"

The Atlantis grounds have waterfalls, streams, lagoons filled with sea creatures, underwater viewing areas: with 11 exhibit lagoons and 11 million gallons of water, the resort claims it has the "largest marine habitat in the world".

There are lagoons with sea turtles, lagoons with rays; Predator Lagoon; lots more.

One of the best ways to see the underwater life is to go subterranean, to The Dig: an Atlantis-themed maze of chambers with views of giant aquariums.

Atlantis guests can get wet themselves in a 7-acre lagoon, multiple swimming pools, a lazy river, or at the white-sand beach.

Kids will be especially interested in the Atlantis waterslides . The steepest rides take off from a five-story Mayan Temple: a 60-ft. vertical drop ends in a clear tunnel inside a shark-filled lagoon. There's also a pair of Challenger slides where you can race your friends.

Other Atlantis features: a giant casino, wide choice of restaurants, spa, and the new Marina Village with shops and restaurants. (Click for a tour.)

What's special about the Atlantis Resort for families?

  • Atlantis' "waterscape" is famed and one-of-a-kind
  • water fun includes the pools and waterslides noted above; a rope suspension bridge; water tricycles you can rid in the Paradise Lagoon; the quarter-mile Lazy River Ride
  • large kids pool with slide, shower, and other fun features; and a second smaller kiddie pool as well
  • at the Atlantis' Discovery Channel Camp (for ages 4 to 12) kids might: explore Base Camp -- a replica of a sunken Spanish Galleon-- or a technology lab; do arts and crafts; take expeditions around the "waterscape".
  • Club Rush has dance floor, movies, videogames and is open early evening for kids 7 to 13, and later for kids 13 and up.

Tips for family visits to the Atlantis Resort:

  • the Atlantis grounds are large so be prepared to do some walking. Royal Towers are near the waterslides, and kiddie pool zone; Coral and Beach Towers are closer to the lazy river.
  • Harborside Villas (at the Atlantis Vacation Club) can accommodate larger families. A frequent shuttle service takes guests the short distance to the Atlantis pools, waterparks, Royal Towers, etc.

Keep in mind about the Atlantis Resort:

  • the Atlantis is expanding: expect to see new upscale towers and a much-expanded waterpark
  • expect that food will be expensive; also, 15% gratuity is added at all restaurants. Pack some fruit leather and granola bars for kiddie munchies; buy refillable drinks; head to the Starbucks in the new Marina for snacks; read visitor comments for other tips.
  • guests staying at the adjacent Comfort Suites have access to the Atlantis facilities including pools, lagoons, waterpark, casino, spa, Discovery Channel Camp

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