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Boracay Philippines Incredible Holiday Value

Few can argue that the tiny island in central Philippines known as "Boracay" is nothing less than spectacular. With a 3 kilometer long sugar white beach, some of the lowest prices in the world and perhaps best of all plenty of good ole' Filipino charm and hospitality, Boracay is truly a wonder to behold.Anyone who has been there will tell you that Boracay, or "Bora" as the locals call it, is a wonderful place to spend a vacation. During the off season (from June to mid-October) this small resort town slows way down, making it a favorite for anyone looking to spend some quiet time on the beach. Backpackers love to visit Boracay beach during the off season where they can stay in lower class hostels and villas just behind the beachfront resorts, from rates as low as $15 a night!.Families love Boracay because it is a safe, affordable and offers plenty entertainment options for those on the go.

Mom will love the vendors selling jewelry on the boardwalk, and growing number of fashionable gift shops, selling everything from low cost bathing suits to Filipino pasalubong. (or "gifts from your trip") Dad will surely enjoy a $5 massage on the beach, plenty of cold drinks and over 100 great restaurants all within a short walk of the beach.The kids and those more active will enjoy plenty of water sports in Boracay. Just a few years ago, all powered water sports were prohibited, but now there is a flourishing water spots industry that includes jet skis, water skis, wake boarding, knee boarding and parasailing.

You can even rent your own speed boat to cruise around the island in style, or a more traditional "banca" boat, for a day of island hopping.During peak season (from Mid-October to May) Boracay beach is absolutely bustling with activity. If you plan to visit during peak season, be sure to plan your trip at least 4-5 months in advance, as all of the best rooms and resorts fill up very quickly. During peak season, Boracay has a very festive atmosphere and is crawling with people, events and activities virtually every day.For scuba divers, Boracay has a number of high quality dive resorts located right on the famous white beach.

From there you can dive any one of 40+ dive spots located in the waters surrounding Boracay. Since the water is warm in the Philippines year round, wet suits are an option for many who enjoy taking it off, for an easy dive around Bora.My personal favorite is to rent a motorcycle for about $25 a day and "explore" the island, completely on my own.

There is so much to see and explore behind the beachfront resorts, including a completely different culture just steps away from the famous boardwalk. A short drive to the back of the island for example, and you can explore the famous bat caves, enjoy some local cuisine at any number of beach front cafes (for the cost of beach front resorts) or just enjoy a care free day of fresh air riding in the hills of Boracay.What ever your Philippine travel plans, don't miss this world famous travel destination!.


The author is a professional travel consultant. He travels extensively throughout Asia, exploring new destinations as a researcher, writer and consultant for HAS Travel, Corp., one of the Philippines leading travel agencies. He is also a licensed scuba diver and helicopter pilot, who enjoys exploring new destinations from a new perspective.

By: Mike Jonson


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