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Cork The Rebel Irish County

Cork is a city in the Republic of Ireland. The city is located in the province of Munster and it boasts a population of 274,000 inhabitants. The River Lee divides Cork and the city is regarded as one of Ireland's major seaports. Originally built on several islands, the city today boasts a number of wide streets, which are built along former river channels.

Cork was first established as a monastic settlement by St Finbar in the 6th century. The city repeatedly came under attack by Norsemen and Vikings and it was one of the central sites for fighting in the Irish War of Independence.Today, Cork is a bustling, metropolitan city with plenty of attractions to suit all tastes. For those interested in the history of the city, Cork is home to some stunning architecture.

Saint Finbarre's Cathedral was originally built in the 7th century, and was rebuilt in a Gothic style by architect William Burges in the late 1800's. The lovely tower of Shandon Church overlooks Cork. The tower is known locally as the Four-faced Liar, as from the ground beneath, the clock faces appear to read four different times.Cork is known for its impressive cultural output, with a large number of artists, musicians and writers calling the city home.

There are numerous galleries on both sides of the river, with exhibitions to suit all tastes. Cork also boasts a large number of live music venues and visitors can hear everything for traditional Irish music to more avant-garde sounds. The city is also a shopper's dream, with many larger stores located close to Patrick Street. Visitors would be wise to follow some of the city's winding streets to find smaller, unique shops.

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By: Dara Ward


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