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Feather Masks

Masks have a long and illustrious history. They were used widely for theatrical and other purposes in Greece and Rome during the sixth century B.C. During the medieval period, in Rome, masks were used to practice hedonism without being identified by one's neighbors. Even clergymen, during this period, used mask for similar purposes. The styles and designs of masks might have been changed over the centuries but the purpose remained the same: to either disguise or protect the face.

Masks were used on ceremonial occasions or for theatrical purposes. Even today people use masks at extravagant parties, carnivals, Mardi Gras celebrations and the like. These are also used for Halloween, costume balls, holiday celebrations or just for fun. These are also used to enhance art and craft projects, decorations, millinery and jewelry, costume adorning, fashion accessories and more.

Feather masks are not only elegant and trendy, but also cost-effective. They are lightweight and have large eye holes for good vision. For feather masks, feathers of the ostrich, peacock, turkey, goose, rooster, guinea hen, pheasant and duck are used.

Feather masks are manufactured in different designs, full-sized, half-masks and eye masks. The price of feather masks varies from thirty-five dollars to seventy dollars or more, and manufacturers charge up to 20% extra for custom orders. They are also ready to incorporate materials provided by the purchaser, like fabric or beads.

An elastic strap is attached to the back of a feather mask so that it can be worn or used as a wall decoration.

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By: Peter Emerson


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