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Flight to Denver Heres Information that can Help You Survive DIA

If you'll be flying into Denver International Airport (DIA), and it's your first time, here is helpful information.The first thing you'll find when you land at DIA is a long trip to your baggage. First, you'll walk down your concourse to a central area. It is at this area where you will find the stairs you need to go down to catch the underground train to the actual terminal. When you reach the terminal, you will need to walk to the baggage carousels.

Your carousel will be located on either the east and west side of the terminal ? depending on which airline you flew. As you walk towards the entrances to the baggage carousels, you should see signs identifying which carousel will have your baggage by airline name and flight number.Transportation.If you will be renting a car at DIA, the on-site car rental counters are located on Level 5 in the Main Terminal. This is the same level as where you pick up your luggage.Hotels located near DIA provide free shuttle service.

You can also take a shuttle to the downtown area. I suggest Super Shuttle as its fees are reasonable and it goes to all downtown hotels. You can call the company toll-free at 800.525.

3177 to learn more about its charges and destinations.You can also take a bus to the downtown area. Our bus service provider is the RTD (Regional Transportation District). All RTD operations are outside Door 511 on the East Side of Jeppesen Terminal, Level 5, Island 5. You can get schedule information on buses to downtown Denver (or any other area) by calling 800-366-7433.Taxi service is also available to and from DIA.

You can pick up a taxi on Level 5, Island 1. Denver's largest taxicab companies are Yellow Cab (303) 777-7777) and Metro Taxi (303-333-3333). Be aware that a cab ride to downtown Denver isn't cheap. Yellow Cab charges $43.00 plus a $3.25 gate fee, plus $1.

00 for every passenger beyond the first. So, if you are a family of four, count on spending $49.25 to get to downtown Denver.


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Douglas Hanna has lived in the Denver metro area for more than 30 years and is an expert on both Denver and Colorado. He is also the author of more than 100 ezine articles on a variety of subjects.

By: Douglas Hanna


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