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From Wild Horses to Sweet Peaches Theres Always Something Happening in Currituck County

Stretched along the peaceful northern shores of the Outer Banks, Currituck County may give some the impression of a sleepy little area where one can simply lie on the beach and soak up the sun year round. Granted, the best family vacations in the Currituck Outer Banks are spent on the coastline, yet Currituck is hardly the wilting flower of North Carolina. Quite the contrary, this is a place that is always in full bloom, with annual celebrations dotting the calendar. All are welcome to enjoy the people of Currituck in their celebrations.

Corolla Island Spring Social.One of the liveliest annual events is held at the historical Whalehead Club in mid-April. The Corolla Island Spring Social celebrates the roaring 1920s and the height of wild, Gatsby-esque decadence and delight.

Guests come dressed in their spats and fringed flapper best and dance the Charleston all night long, reliving the bustle of the golden age of resorts, when the wealthy flocked to the North Carolina shore to lounge in luxury. Today, the social benefits the restoration of the Club with silent and live auctions, so future generations can enjoy the history and good times to come.Wild Horse Days.Untethered and unfettered, the wild mustangs of the Outer Banks roam the beaches and answer to no master. Each year in June the people of Currituck gather for Wild Horse Days, a series of events designed to benefit these majestic creatures. Food, fun, activities for the kids, and awareness of the horses mark Wild Horse Days, with proceeds going to funds used to preserve the remaining herds.

By: Kathryn Lively


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