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Parador of Arcos De La Frontera

Arcos De La Frontera is one of those typical white towns of Andalucia where you feel as if you have stumbled into another epoch. Arcos was controlled by the Moors up until 1264 and still retains the feel of those times.The Parador Arcos De La Frontera stands high above the Río Guadalete with nearly a shear drop-off on one side. This dramatic location is reminiscent of Ronda, but Arcos is much less touristed than that city and the ambience far more relaxed.Parador Arcos De La Frontera is flanked by castle walls and the large Gothic-Mudéjar church of Santa María de la Asunción. From here you get incredible views to the river valley far below.

The town is a mix of fine Moorish and Renaissance buildings. At the center is the Plaza del Cabildo which fronts the Arcos Parador.Arcos is a town for meandering. Wander up and down the steep streets.

You'll delight in making your own discoveries here - no guidebooks necessary!.If you visit in early August, you'll be enchanted by the late-night concerts on the main plaza during the Fiesta de la Virgen de las Nieves. Stay on until September and you might have become "local" enough to participate in their especially wild version of the running of the bulls!.

Be sure and dine in the exceptional restaurant at the Parador. The wood-beamed dining room has a very nice feel, and views that are panoramic. This is one of the finest restaurants you will find for trying some of Andalucia's traditional dishes.Interesting in-town excursions from the Arcos De La Frontera Parador:.

- The wonderful Castillo de los Duques.- The Basilica-Paroquia de Santa Maria.- The Convento de la Encarnacion.- The Iglesia de San Pedro.- The Palacio Mayorazgo.Interesting day trips include:.

- Jerez de la Frontera - Try to see the incredible Andalusian horses dancing and jumping to the music of Beethoven at the Real Escuela Andaluz del Arte Ecuestre. A tour of one of the Sherry Bodegas is always fun - especially the free tastings!.- Sevilla - One of the "must see" cities in Spain.

- Ronda - Set in an breathtaking situation on top of the most awesome gorge in all Spain.- Cadiz - The oldest city in Europe. Cadiz has an altogether pleasant ramshackle quality that draws travelers back again and again.The Arcos De La Frontera Parador literally oozes the character of Andalucia. The town of Arcos combines a near-perfect mix of spectacular natural surroundings and historically interesting cultural sites.

Being centrally located between the great cities of Sevilla, Ronda, Cadiz and Jerez, it makes a great base from which to fan out and visit the best of western Andalucia.


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By: Gary Bumpas


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