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So Youre Traveling With Children Im Sorry

If you have kids, car trips can cause you to inwardly moan and groan in agony, especially when making a long trip. It's hard for children to quietly sit and do nothing for long stretches of time. That's why it's important to plan ahead to keep your kiddos entertained during the family car trip."Are we there yet?" is the travel battle cry of the modern child. Although it seems like they're plotting against you, they aren't trying to drive you mad, they're just trying to find out how much longer the ride will be.

Save your sanity and just tell them the truth. Tell them how long the trip is going to take and break it up into bits so that they can see that you are actually getting somewhere. They'll be able to better grasp the time factor and will help your nerves too.

Do some planning and pack up a fun bag of games and entertainment for your kids. A nice idea is to reward them for good behavior by giving them a small gift, like a travel game or book, every hour of the trip. Keep it simple and inexpensive, and these budget-friendly little presents can make your child happier and the car ride peaceful.

Taking regular breaks is very important when you are traveling with your children. Even if all seems be going well, you should stop about every two hours to give your children a chance to stretch their legs, use the bathroom, and enjoy being out of the car. Even though it lengthens your trip, it will also make your children easier to travel with.It is important to vary your child's activities to keep them from becoming bored. Every half hour you can change the activity such as talking for half an hour, playing music for the next half hour, and then taking a break. Eat a little snack and then back to the car.

Then they can watch a DVD or listen to music or a book on tape.Games are a great way to pass the time. There are many different travel games available or you can play the license plate game to see how many states you can find. Electronic games are another fun way to pass the time.Kids love to sing.

Choose a CD that your entire family will enjoy. There are many different CD's available that are fun to sing and will allow you to have fun and be silly.A DVD player in your car or a portable DVD player will give your entire family a few hours of fun. You can even throw in a new DVD to help keep your family entertained while you drive in the peace and quiet.

A long car trip with children doesn't have to be a burdensome event. Plan ahead and provide stuff for your kids to do and you and your sanity will get there in no time.

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