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The Shuttle Bus from Nairobi to Arusha and Moshi

THE TRIP - Shuttles leave from both Arusha and Nairobi at 08h00 hours and 14h00 hours each day. The time spent at Namanga can depend on the number of people on the bus and how strict customs and immigration officials are on the day. The whole trip can take about five to six hours.THE BUS - There are several companies, Riverside, Bobbies and Devanu are probably the most convenient they all leave from the Parkside hotel in Nairobi and the Mount Meru Hotel in Arusha; usually 25 seater Coaster buses. They will drop passengers off at main hotels in the city centers but it is always best to make these arrangements with the driver before you set off.

WHAT YOU PASS - The route between Arusha and Nairobi has some interesting villages along the way. There is a possibility of seeing some wild animals. If there has been rain then the green lush african bush is interesting to watch, if it is dry everything tends to be a bit brown and beige.

THE BORDER - You cross between Kenya and Tanzania at the Namanga Border. Remember you are in a foreign country and be polite and relax and enjoy the experience. As with all Government Officials sometimes they are not always the politest people in the world. However, I must say I have never had a bad experience with Immigration at the Namanga border and in fact always found them to be helpful on both sides of the border.The driver will explain what to do and where to go; just follow the others on the bus who will have done the crossing many times.

IMMIGRATION - Three month Visa: - Visa are obtainable at the border crossing and airports. Remember to have the correct money ready in US Dollars (cash!).Transit Visa: - If you arrive in Kenya to travel to Tanzania only a Transit Visa for a couple of days can be issued at a price of US$20 per transit.Check you visa stamps to ensure the correct dates are entered.

Always get receipts for anything you are required to pay i.e. visas.

Ensure the number of days/weeks allowed to stay on your passport's visa stamp agree with the time you expect to remain in Tanzania or Kenya.

.The site http://www. has useful information and links for the above article and has many timetables and prices for travel in Tanzania.

Use responsible tourism to make a difference.

By: Ian Williamson


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