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Family Beach Resorts

  Four Great Beach Resorts

Beach resorts are the dream vacation, for many parents: no stress, no mess; warm seas, lush gardens, great swimming pools, molten sunsets. And you don't have to stand in line and go on roller coasters.

If you wish, your children can join kids' programs or even be tended by your own personal nanny.

The beach resort concept typically includes some combination of:

  • all-inclusive price that includes meals, drinks, and most sports and activities
  • lots of sports and activities geared to kids
  • special activities for the whole family
  • swimming pools with waterslides or waterfalls, or maybe even a full-blown waterpark; kiddie pools
  • daily programs to entertain kids and teens, and often evening programs (such as theme parties)
  • infant care
  • suites that provide conveniences suited to families
  • kids' meals, kids' restaurants, ice-cream stands, etc.

The Caribbean is especially noted for all-inclusives. Below are profiles of four beach resorts: three in the Caribbean, including two all-inclusives.

The fourth is a deluxe choice in Maui's Wailea area. 


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